Post Formats

Standard – Post format

On “Format” metabox choose “Standard” option. The only thing you have to do for this post type is adding Featured Image (which is optional) and including text and you are...

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Gallery – Post format

Select “Gallery” option in “Format” metabox and then click “Add media button”, after the modal box appears click “Create Gallery” and then select the photos:     After you select...

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Image – Post format

Select “Image” option in “Format” metabox. Then in the first line add your preferred image from “Add media” button. The difference for this post format is that image will not...

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Video – Post format

Calcium supports three types of videos: YouTube, Vimeo and Self-hosted videos. To add a video post choose “Video” option in Format metabox then in the first line (this is mandatory...

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Audio – Post format

Choose “Audio” option from “Format” metabox then click “Add media” and upload or choose your audio track. Let the shortcode in the first line of text and the post will...

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Link – Post format

Select “Link” option in “Format” metabox. All you have to do is to “paste” the link in the first line and the post will contain that link when clicked.

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Quote – Post format

Select “Quote” option on “Format” metabox then add the quote in the first line of text with this type of markup:

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