Main Theme Structure


You are always required to have “page-body” class to <body> element. The basic HTML structure (we are talking about Sidebar menu page):   You can also assign Horizontal menu in...

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Sidebar Layout

Sidebar layout is set as the default layout for Xenon theme so all you have to do is to include the basic markup for the theme and you are all...

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Horizontal Layout

Horizontal layout has different structure of HTML, rather than appending it to the “page-container” it should be set before this container:  =    Thats it! If you want to make it sticky to...

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Combined Layouts

Joining two types of the menus in one page is fairly easy, so from the knowledge you took in the above topics, you just have to join them in HTML also. Intuition!...

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Settings Pane

Settings pane is the user profile popup when client clicks on Wrench next to the logo:   Here is the code structure you have to add:

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If you want to incorporate the chat, all you have to do is just append it to <div class=”page-container”> container as last element:

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