Counter Widget

Counter widgets start counting with From-To variables and have different options such duration, delay, prefix, suffix and other things. These counters start only when the element is shown in viewport.   You...

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Keeping Track of Imported Scripts/Styles

If you want to know which scripts are imported on several pages, you can easily see in the footer of each HTML file described with HTML comments, here is an example of...

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Main scripts instances of the theme are executed on assets/js/xenon-custom.js so if you want to learn more how they coded read the code. Its all commented to help you understand what...

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Charts JS Documentation

We use an extraordinary library for Chart drawing, and you may probably be interested how to build custom charts: Charts API and documentation   For chart examples click here to see them.

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Fill Widget

Fill widget will animate CSS property based on from-to number, its the same as the Counter Widget, but this will handle the styling of element, such as width, height, opacity, position and...

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