Multilingual plugin installation – WPML

As you might have seen that Aurum is WPML compatible, so in order to make this theme work with it you should do the following Plugins:

These plugins are “premium plugins” and can be purchased in

After you activate both of them, if you want to translate theme strings, you must activate WMPL string translation, so go to: WPML > Themes and plugins localization and set Translate by WPML and click save.


After it, you go to: WPML > String Translation and filter results by this  Context:


Then for each string/entry click “translations” and apply the translations based on the language you offer.


Translating Posts and other data entries

In the admin sidebar, current language will appear, so always make sure which language you are posting content. Then continue with their own translations in other languages.

There are two types of showing language links for Aurum theme:

1. Top Menu – to activate this widget go to WPML > Languages > Language switcher options and then go back  to the Appearance > Menus > Top Menu and paste this code in the Navigation Label:

English <img src="//" alt="" width="16" height="16" />

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