Setting Up A Staging Site

A staging site is a local setup on your own machine where you can build your site, or where you can make test changes. Having a staging site is an important process that allows you to experiment with your ideas in a local environment. Please continue reading below for more information on staging sites and how to set it up.


How Is A Staging Site Useful?

If you’re just starting to build a site, a staging site allows you to experiment with the design and layout of your site. If you already have a live site, you can create a staging site that is an identical copy of your live site, and test your changes there. Having a staging site allows you to test major layout and content changes without affecting your live site. You can also test plugin and theme updates. If there are any issues or any section of your site breaks, you don’t have to worry about your live site breaking and having some downtime. Once you’re happy with the changes you’ve made to your staging site and would like to make those changes live, you can simply migrate your local staging site to your live one.


How Does Licensing Work For A Staging Site?

Please refer to our Licensing article to learn more about Envato’s licensing policies.

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