Installing Oxygen Offline – Demo Content and Theme Options

Installing Offline Demo Content

The best way to install Oxygen theme demos is if you do that automatically by using the One Click Demo Content Import but on some cases when your server has very low limits then you can also install demo contents manually.

Before installing Demo Content we assume that you have installed and activated theme required and recommended plugins. If not please read this article Installing Required Plugins.

Here are the steps you should need to follow in order to install demo content:

  1. Go to to Themeforest > Downloads area (, find Oxygen theme and choose the “All files & documentation“.
  2. Extract the archive and go to Oxygen-Full-Package/Extras/Demo-Content/ folder.
  3. Login to your WordPress admin (/wp-admin) and go to Tools > Import and choose the WordPress system from the list to import.
    • Before starting the Import phase, make sure you have already have installed WooCommerce plugin (if you want to import the products from demo content)
    • If you have not already installed WordPress Importer plugin, you will get a popup that will offer you to install that plugin with one click, so click Install Now button.
    • Then activate and run importer plugin.
  4. In the third step you will see a file chooser input, there you upload the latest version XML file that can be found on Oxygen-Full-Package/Extras/Demo-Content/
  5. Click Run & Import, and you will be redirected to Assign Authors page.
  6. Before clicking submit, make sure you check the box that says “Download and import file attachments” (otherwise the theme will not work properly)
  7. All files will be downloaded and you will have the exact content as seen on


Importing Offline Demo Theme Options

It is recommended after importing theme demo data, to import the theme options, this will connect to the same functionality as on the demo version seen on So to do this follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Click “Appearance” > “Theme Options”
  3. Click tab “Backup Options”
  4. Copy the text on options-json.txt fromOxygen-Full-Package/Extras/Theme-Options/ and paste to “Transfer Theme Options Data” then click “Import Options”

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