Layout Configuration

Sidebar Right

Its the same structure as with Left Sidebar the only extra step is to add “right-sidebar” class to “page-container” container and you are done.

  • 1845

Horizontal Menu

To apply this form of menu, firstly add “horizontal-menu” class to “page-container” div. Then as a children add this markup:   <header class="navbar navbar-fixed-top"> Note: “navbar-fixed-top” class is optional, just...

  • 1924

Both Menus

You can also include both of these menus in one page, simply by using the above examples, but you should add these classes “horizontal-menu with-sidebar” then proceed with the menus,...

  • 1875

Sidebar Left

To use this type of layout your markup should start with:     Then inside “sidebar-menu” you put the logo and menu markup. Here is sample HTML code you can...

  • 2202