Blog Functionality

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  • Thumbnails (post featured image)
    • Enable or disable the images for posts, default is enabled.
  • Thumbnail hover effect
    • Animate the thumbnail in an interactive way when entering the mouse over it, or simple hide this animation.
  • Single post thumbnail¬†(shown on posts list)
    • Show or hide the thumbnail in single post.
  • Author info (shown on single post)
    • If you want more information about the author you can show the author info or simply hide it by un-ticking it.
  • Category (shown everywhere)
    • Show or hide the category/categories of the posts.
  • Post date (shown everywhere)
    • Tick to show the post date or simply hide it by un-ticking this option.
  • Tags (shown on single post)
    • Show or hide the tags in the single post.

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