Calcium Changelog

Here you can find Calcium theme release notes/changelogs.

We recommend you to read the changelog for every update release. Also, consider deactivating caching plugins temporarily to avoid the caching of old markup when you update the theme.


Version 1.5 (Aug 19, 2020)

— WordPress 5.5 compatibility
— NEW: Added more social networks in footer –

— Language files updated to latest version
— Vision Shortcode plugin updated to latest version

— Theme Options could not be saved in WordPress 5.5
— Google Fonts called with HTTP and thrown security warning
— Google API JS errors showing on homepage
— Various PHP 7 warnings fixed
— Bug fixes and improvements


Version 1.4 (July 12, 2017)

— Envato Market – Theme & Plugin management for the Envato Market

— WordPress 4.8 compatibility
— Language files updated to latest version

— Child theme not working with Calcium
— Google API key for contact form map –
— Lightbox not working for paginated portfolio items
— Image gallery not working with newest WP versions –
— Number of comments in single blog item
— Security fixes
— Bug fixes and improvements

— Built-in twitter widget (for security purposes)


Version 1.3 (Oct 06, 2015)

— Calcium now has child theme
— Quick access to theme shortcuts in admin bar –
— Sub menu indicators for main menu

— Compatibility with Safari El Capitan (+IOS 9) added

— WordPress 4.3.1 compatibility
— Language files updated to latest version
— GreenSock library updated to latest version
— Advanced Custom Fields updated to latest version
— Envato Toolkit updated to latest version

— Font parameters being reset without saving the settings
— Minor bug fixes and improvements


Version 1.2.2 (June 30, 2015)

— Security Vulnerability fix applied, read more –

— Contact page settings are now working


Version 1.2.1 (Jun 10, 2014)

— Font change issue
— Wrong version included


Version 1.2 (Jun 08, 2014)

— Portfolio items URL hash id is now more SEO friendly

— Vision Shortcode plugin updated to latest version 3.1 (previous included 3.0.2)

— Portfolio item expand/collapse issue
— Other code improvements and CSS fixes
— Front-end font style appearing also in Login page


Version 1.1.3 (Apr 28, 2014)

— Portfolio category link doesn’t work


Version 1.1.2 (Mar 28, 2014)

— Issue with Less compiler now its fixed (Admin Blank Screen)
— Custom fonts are now working properly


Version 1.1 (Mar 24, 2014)

— Hover colors option, in the theme options area
— You can now set categories to filter above the portfolio items
— Show category items count in portfolio filter
— Social networks in the footer: Instagram, Pinterest
— Clicking on a category will filter the items (with isotope plugin) without reloading the page

— Data Option Class, will not delete entries in other languages
— Responsivitivity improvements for Tablets and smart phones


Version 1.0 (March 06, 2014)

— Initial Release

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