Adding “Go to Top” button

Many users who use long scrolling websites or one-page websites (E.g. our Landing demo) prefer to use ‘Go to top’ button on their site. That’s a very neat feature because when user scroll on your long page it doesn’t need to scroll to go up again, this is where ‘Go to top’ button comes in consideration.

There are some plugins who do this job but you don’t need another plugin on your site when Kalium offers this functionality build in.

To enable this option on your site:

  1. On the admin sidebar navigate through Laborator > Theme Options > Other Settings
  2. Miscellaneous is the first tab and it will open automatically

Below you can see Go to Top option, just click Show button to enable this feature and show it’s options.

  • First area — Set number of pixels or percentage of window user needs to scroll when “Go to Top” button will be shown. Pro tip: If you set value to footer, link will appear only when user sees footer.
  • Button Type — Choose the button style Circle or Square.
  • Link Position — Choose the position of your ‘Go to top’ button.

Too see this feature in action you can visit our Landing demo which uses the default settings and the First area is left empty. Or you can visit Blogging demo where on First area we have set footer value so the button will show only when the footer is shown on your viewport and the button is square.

Extra: If you know CSS you can modify this button very easy and apply your own style on Custom CSS area. To learn more how to use Custom CSS please visit Using Custom CSS article.

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