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Kalium offer a lot of options for your Blog Posts, as we have shown you we support all the formats that WordPress can offer. On this article we will show you the options that you can choose to make your blog posts appear as you always wanted.

  1. Go to Laborator > Theme Options
  2. Choose Blog Settings from the left options list in Theme Options.
  3. Select Single Page from the horizontal tabs.

Now we will explain every option that you will find on the Single Page tab:

  • Show post featured image — Choose if you want to show thumbnail (featured-image), audio, video, quote, gallery on the top of your post or you want to hide them.
  • Show post title — Show or hide the title of your blog post.
  • Show author info — Tick if you want to show your author info, available options are Right or Left side and Below the Article (This option includes your Image and your short Bio if you have added those informations by on your WordPress dashboard > Users > Your Profile > About Yourself area).
  • Show post date — Shows the date when your post was created.
  • Show categories —  Shows categories of your post (when this option is selected, it will be valid for Blog page too)
  • Show post tags — Shows tags of your post (if you have attached tags on your posts).
  • Show post next-previous links — As the title says, if this option is enabled a button with the title of your newer or older posts will appear on the end of your blog post.
  • Featured image placement — Choose if your featured image area will show Full Width or Boxed (within container).
  • Featured image size — Option are Original (your original image file size) or Default Thumbnail Size
  • Blog post comments visibility — Choose if you want to show comments on your posts or hide them.
  • Featured image thumbnail height — This area is used if you want to change thumbnail height
  • Auto-switch interval for gallery images* — Choose after how many seconds your gallery images will slide (Valid only for the Gallery format).
  • Sidebar — Choose if you want to Show Sidebar on Right, Left, of Hide it at all. (to populate sidebar you can go to Appearance > Widgets and populate your Single Blog Widgets box)

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