Creating a Lightbox portfolio item

If you have chosen the Lightbox as your portfolio item type, then the following  option will show:

Content to Show — Select what content type to show in Lightbox when the user clicks on the thumbnail.

  • Featured Image
  • Custom Image
  • Multiple Images and/or Video Gallery
  • Self-hosted Video
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

Unlike other types of portfolio items, the lightbox type does not have a Portfolio Gallery, but instead of it, you can add the images and videos from the Lightbox area directly, by selecting one of the options on the dropdown.

More options for the lightbox item are located in Laborator > Theme Options > Portfolio Settings > Lightbox Options


Some of the types that can be achieved with the lightbox portfolio item type, customizing and using your imagination you can achieve in incredible results.



Lightbox (Thumbnails)

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