Creating a portfolio page

Portfolio page can be created in three ways: Archive page for portfolio items Using Portfolio Page template Using WPBakery Page Builder widget Portfolio Items Second and third options provide control on items you...

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Portfolio types

Everyone wants the work they show online to be uniquely represented. Using Kalium’s portfolio types and options can lead to fantastic unique portfolios with a few steps. There are three...

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Creating a portfolio item

Adding and managing portfolio items with Kalium is easy and fun, with its multiple portfolio types, each portfolio item has their own specifics and customizations can be done while creating/editing...

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Creating a Side portfolio item

Our most used portfolio item type is the classic side portfolio item, when selecting this type of portfolio item you will have the following options: Item Description Alignment — Select the...

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Creating a Columned portfolio item

Choosing the Columned type for your portfolio item will show the following options for that item type: Layout Type — Choose if you want a Default Layout (left aligned) or a Centered Content...

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Creating a Carousel portfolio item

The carousel portfolio item has only an option to show when selecting it, but there are more options when adding a photo to the gallery. Layout Type — Choose if you...

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Creating a Zig Zag portfolio item

Zig Zag portfolio item has the following options as listed below, instructions on what they’re about and how they work are included too: Layout Type — Choose if you want...

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Creating a Fullscreen portfolio item

When choosing Fullscreen type as your portfolio item type, the following features and options will show, we have explained what they’re for and how they work: Item Description Visibility — Select...

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Creating a Lightbox portfolio item

If you have chosen the Lightbox as your portfolio item type, then the following  option will show: Content to Show — Select what content type to show in Lightbox when the...

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Portfolio page options

The portfolio page has multiple options and all of them can be set up from the Theme Options, if your portfolio is made with WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)...

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Portfolio item options

Styling the portfolio items is an important part of the theme, we have put some of the options in Theme Options and the other when adding the item as each...

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Changing portfolio URL prefixes

If you want to change portfolio archive slug and portfolio items prefix like shown in the picture below: Follow these steps: Go to Theme Options > Portfolio Settings > Portfolio Page...

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Ordering categories

Ordering the categories (filters) of the Portfolio items, Shop products or Blog posts cannot be done directly through WordPress or the Theme Options, you can do it by using a plugin...

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Show custom portfolio items (Custom Query)

You can separate portfolio items and organize them into groups. If you want more than one portfolio page with different set of portfolio items (or portfolio categories) you can do this...

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Enable/disable item sharing

To enable or disable the sharing of the items go to Laborator > Theme Options > Portfolio Settings and scroll down to the Share Item and click Allow share or No to disable it.  

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How to remove or rename /portfolio slug

Portfolio post type adds URL prefix for all portfolio items (mysite.com/portfolio/your-project-name) and this can be removed or renamed in Theme Options: Before: After: Remove Portfolio prefix To remove portfolio items post type prefix...

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Add a title to Portfolio page

Showing your work can be useless without describing it, so we have an option to add a title and description to the Portfolio page. Note that this will be applied to...

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A normal description for Pagination is basically the sequence of numbers assigned to pages. So if you have a website with lots of items, you may wish to add some...

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