Show custom portfolio items (Custom Query)

You can separate portfolio items and organize them into groups. If you want more than one portfolio page with different set of portfolio items (or portfolio categories) you can do this in two ways:

  1. Using Portfolio Page template
  2. Using WPBakery Page Builder widget Portfolio Items

Both alternatives provide you control on items you want to display and categorize the way you want.


Using Portfolio Page template

To create a custom query portfolio page create a new page then:

  1. Select Portfolio Page template from Page Attributes metabox
  2. Portfolio Settings will show in Parameters and Options
  3. Tick Custom Query checkbox and new then go to Custom Query tab
  4. Set query options to filter portfolio results:
  5. Click Update/Publish button and portfolio items will be shown


Using Portfolio Items widget from WPBakery Page Builder

The results are the same, however normal pagination is not supported in this type. To show custom set of portfolio items, create a new page or use the existing one and follow these steps:

  1. Using WPBakery Page Builder click Add Element (or the plus icon)
  2. Select Portfolio Items widget
  3. Click Build Query button and custom query options will appear
  4. Then configure portfolio output filters
  5. Set or modify other options in that widget
  6. Click Save Changes and then Update/Publish the page


Errors and troubleshooting

If you set page slug the same as portfolio post type slug, then custom post type will take precedence and WordPress will display portfolio archive, thus your changes won’t affect portfolio archive page.

Generally, if there is a Custom Post Type with the same slug as one of the Pages, the Custom Post Type archive should take precedence and WordPress should display that instead of the Page.


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