Why some of my Portfolio items are not showing?

If you see that some of your items are not showing on the front end, don’t worry there are some ways why this can happen, here you can read some possibilities:


Missing any Portfolio item

You have added Portfolio items but any of them is not showing on your portfolio page (www.site.com/portfolio).

The first thing that you need to check is:

  • Open your WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to Portfolio > All Portfolio Items

Check for any missing image on the Thumbnail area. Please check all the pages on pagination area too.

If you find any missing image that means that you forgot to apply a Featured Image for that project, to do that please just go to that project and click Edit, then attach an image on the Featured Image area.

Project Visibility

Please check if that item Visibility is set to Public too because if it is on Draft the portfolio item will not show on your Portfolio area (see 2 on image).

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