Upgrading from Kalium 1.x to 3.x

If you are still using an old Kalium update such as 1.x and you want to update to the latest version 3.x then you need to use the Envato Market plugin. To see how to use this plugin, please visit the article How to update Kalium theme.

Now that you are using Kalium 3, you can activate your product license to be able to update your theme. Then when a new update is out you will be able to update your theme very easily from your WordPress updates without any extra plugin for this job. So if you are still using the Envato Market plugin you can simply delete them because you don’t need those plugins anymore.

If you encounter any problem when you update to Kalium version 3.x then here are possible fixes for some common problems that some users have reported:


Parameters and Options layout is not appearing as it should:

Please hard-refresh your browser because it takes longer to load the changes on some browsers, as they are saved in the browser cache.


Portfolio or Portfolio Projects are showing 404 error:

You just need to go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > select Post name and click Save. Refresh your Portfolio page again and you should see your Portfolio items.


Some rows are showing on the left and not full width etc.:

That is happening because we have deprecated Laborator Full-Width option that you tweaked when you edited any Row Settings > Row stretch area.

We deprecated this because WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer)  introduced the same thing, the same options built-in. You can easily just edit those rows again and select one of the options: DefaultStretch row, Stretch row and content and Stretch row and content (no paddings).


Cannot update WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) (or LayerSlider):

This happens with earlier versions of Visual Composer (now renamed to WPBakery Page Builder) or for users who were using a very old Kalium version and now updated to the latest version, so in order to activate the latest version of WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) bundled in the theme follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins then find WPBakery Visual Composer and click Deactivate
  2. Go to Appearance > Plugins and click Update for WPBakery Page Builder plugin.
  3. Activate WPBakery Page Builder again.


Custom CSS and Typography changes

On Kalium 2.1 update we have cleaned and minified CSS codes in Custom CSS area (on some demos where we used Custom CSS area to modify the look of that demo). Also, CSS rules such as font-sizes, font-weights, and text-transforms that we were using on Custom CSS now are moved to the Laborator > Typography area of the theme that we introduced on Kalium 2.0 update.

So if you want to apply the same Typography and Custom CSS codes of those demos on your site too here you can download and apply the same changes on your site too.

Agency  Custom CSS  Typography
Fashion  Custom CSS  Typography
Freelancer  Custom CSS  Typography
Photography  Custom CSS  Typography
Shop (Store)  Custom CSS  Typography
Landing  Custom CSS  Typography
Fitness  Custom CSS  Typography
Construction  Custom CSS  Typography
Restaurant  Custom CSS  Typography
Education  Custom CSS  Typography
Travel  Custom CSS  Typography
Architecture  Custom CSS  Typography
Main Empty  Typography

Applying Custom CSS and Typography changes:

  1. Custom CSS — Copy the CSS codes then paste it into the Custom CSS area of your site. Please make sure to make a backup of your old CSS codes in case you need them again or if you have applied extra changes there.
  2. Typography — Copy entire Typography code then go to your WordPress dashboardTypography > Settings > click Advanced Font Settings button > Import Font Settings, paste the code and click Import Settings button. For more info please see this video.

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