Registering Kalium theme

Registering Kalium theme license is an automated process, you don’t need to copy any purchase code, simply connect your Envato account with our API server and the rest is handled by us.

The term “activating theme” means connecting to our API server and validating your purchase code for the theme. This way you will be able to get the latest updates for the theme, bundled premium plugins, demos, etc.

Regardless of whether you are using parent or child theme, once you activate the theme it is valid for both theme types.

Before activating the theme, make sure you have read the theme licensing article and after that proceed with the steps below.


Step 1 – Go to the License page

Inside the WordPress admin panel please navigate to Laborator > License page:

Kalium License Registration area


Step 2 – Activate Kalium License

Start by clicking the Register Kalium button:

Kalium Theme Registration page

A popup appears and you are asked to Approve permissions on your Envato account (no sensitive information will be fetched from your account, only what you approve):

Then choose the purchase code from the dropdown list to activate for your site and click Proceed:

Note: One License can only be activated for one domain (learn more). If you have purchased more than one license please select your license on from the dropdown on the Select License area.


After successful activation click the Start using Kalium button and you will see license information data after the popup closes, here you can also set Backup Options before closing the dialog:

Theme Registration status, Support status, and Theme Backups information are always shown in the License tab:


That’s it! Kalium is registered and you are eligible for automatic theme updates, premium plugin updates, and theme backups.


Theme backups

Theme backups are enabled by default when you activate Kalium. To change this on Laborator > Registration tab > Theme backups area and click the Disable button:


Cannot activate the theme or install theme plugins?

It happens that sometimes theme activation is not possible, this is caused either by cURL Firewall or Envato API outage and doesn’t allow our server to retrieve your information from Envato.

Te determine if the firewall is the problem go to Laborator > System Status and check if WP Remote Get or WP Remote Post is showing Laborator API server is not accessible at this url: error, in this case, you should contact your host and ask them to allow access to our API Server:

Otherwise, we suggest you submit a ticket in our support forum and let us know about any other issue with theme activation.

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