Installing Kalium via WordPress

This is the best option to install a WordPress theme, it is a straightforward and allows you to install the theme with a single click without requiring high skills in...

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Installing Kalium via FTP

In case you are reading this article before trying alternatives on Installing Kalium via WordPress please read that article first.   Step 1 – Install or use an FTP client Firstly,  you need an FTP...

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Installing and updating premium plugins

Installing Kalium Plugins This step is very important because your theme functionality depends on these settings, so please follow this section carefully. After you upload and install/activate Kalium theme go to Laborator...

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Registering Kalium theme

Activating Kalium theme is an automated process, you don’t need to copy any purchase code, simply connect your Envato account with our API server and the rest is handled by us....

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Demo Content Import

Firstly, you need to register the theme in order to import any of the pre-made Demos that Kalium offers. Regardless of whether you are using Kalium parent theme or child...

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Updating Kalium

When there is a new update for Kalium, a notification will be shown in the admin menu, admin bar and a notification throughout admin panel. Even if you haven’t activated your theme,...

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Updating Theme Manually

We highly recommend using Automatic Updates, please use this method whenever possible. Updating the theme manually requires you to have an FTP client such as FileZilla (for Windows and Mac) or...

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Why to use the Child Theme?

Modifying theme files is sometimes a must-do process and this always comes with a price: new theme update will replace all files you have changed 🙁 Regarding this aspect, WordPress came...

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Installing Child Theme

Benefits of using child theme are described in details here. In this article you will learn how to upload and install child theme.   Step 1 – Download child theme Child theme can...

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Setting Menus, Permalinks and Homepage Location

This depends on experience with WordPress, basically if you create your WordPress site from the beginning you need to follow the steps below, otherwise if you any of import demo content...

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