Updating Theme Manually

We highly recommend using Automatic Updates, please use this method whenever possible.

Updating the theme manually requires you to have an FTP client such as FileZilla (for Windows and Mac) or Transmit (Mac only) or any other FTP client you might be already using.

This is the same as installation process, however you may choose to backup current theme version and then upload the new version:


Step 1 – Login to FTP

Login to your site via FTP and browse to ~/wp-content/themes/ folder.


Step 2 – Backup the theme (optional)

Download current version of the theme, or simply rename it (or move it to another directory).


Step 3 – Delete theme directory

Delete folder named kalium inside ~/wp-content/themes/


Step 4 – Upload newest version of the theme

Extract kalium.zip file and then upload folder kalium to ~/wp-content/themes/ directory. Make sure you have removed or renamed the previous theme version located.


That’s all, new update is installed!

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