Why to use the Child Theme?

Modifying theme files is sometimes a must-do process¬†and this always comes with a price: new theme update will replace all files you have changed ūüôĀ

Regarding this aspect, WordPress came up with concept of parent and child themes where a child theme inherits all features of parent theme plus overwrites existing templates that parent theme uses in order you not loose your changes after theme update.

Either using parent theme or child theme, it will not change anything on back-end, you still have the same options and functionality, child theme mostly affects look and feel of your site.

Installing child theme is¬†preferred¬†and we encourage you to do that even if you don’t have to make any changes inside theme files, its simply the same as having parent theme activated but you always have an option to modify or add extra functionality to the theme in the future without having to worry about new theme updates.

Kalium is developed on that scale that all template files can be overwritten, this means that any template file inside kalium/tpls/ folder can be moved in your child theme and edited. Further, you can also edit shop templates located inside kalium/woocommerce/ folder and WPBakery Page Builder templates located inside kalium/vc_templates/ folder.


Here are main reasons why you should install the child theme:

  • Safe updates, your changes will not be affected
  • Extend functionality
  • Edit template files


Migrating from parent theme to child theme

If you have already finished your site and want to switch to the child theme without loosing any of your changes in parent theme, then here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Before activating child theme go to Laborator > Theme Options > Backup Options
  2. Copy theme options data and save them to a file i.e. options.txt (see how)
  3. Activate child theme as shown here
  4. Again, go to Laborator > Theme Options > Backup Options
  5. Paste contents of options.txt inside text area and click Import Options (see how)
  6. That’s all,¬†all theme options¬†are inherited to child theme

Note: Menus and Widgets will not be deleted, however you have to re-assign them from Appearances section, because WordPress handles them.


Installing child theme

To install Kalium’s child theme read this article¬†to learn more.

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