Coming soon mode

When you use Kalium you don’t need to install an extra plugin to show that your new great site will be available for public soon or let your viewers know when when your site will be online exactly.

To set up this option follow the instructions below.

  1. On the admin sidebar navigate through Laborator > Theme Options
  2. Click on Coming Soon Mode
  3. General Settings is the first tab and it will open automatically
  4. To switch on this mode just turn the toggle to Enable and it will be online.

General Settings tab

  • Title and Description — The first field is used for the page title (title on the browser tab) and the second text-area is used for the description.
  • Social Icons — If you choose this option, it will show your social icons that you have added on Theme Options > Social Networks (visit Managing the Social Networks for more).

Countdown Timer tab

To enable countdown timer please just click Show button and the Release Date option will show.

  • Release Date — Enter the date when site will be online (format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)

Custom Background tab

To add an background on that page please just click Yes button and then upload a nice background.

  • Background fill optionsCover: Image will cover entire area of your Coming Soon page. Contain: Image will show on it’s original size
  • Background color — This is an optional feature, usually used when user choose Contain on the Background fill options area.
  • Text Color — This is also an optional feature, usually used when user has a white image and want that to show a different text color on that page.

Custom Logo tab

To add an logo on that page please just click Yes button and then upload your brand logo or whatever logo.

  • Upload Logo — Upload/choose your custom logo image from gallery if you want to use it instead of the default logo uploaded in Branding section


See how this sample Coming Soon mode looks after we added a description, countdown timer, attached an background image, and the custom logo.

To see it live, you can visit Coming Soon mode of our Main demo.

Coming Soon mode only shows for your site visitors. You must be logged out from your WordPress to see the results.

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