Translation introduction

When we created Kalium we had in mind that it won’t be only dedicated to the english speaking audience, and that is why had to take care of every word and sentence to make it as more personalized as we can.

If the site you are building the site for a single language, then you only need to translate the theme strings and for this, we recommend using Loco Translate

When your site has more than a language, and you have to translate everything in your site then you need a multi-lingual plugin, which will make your site completely multilingual and every part of it can be translated and for this, we recommend using WPML.

In both cases, if the language you’re building your site is not already included in our pre-translated languages (see below), you will need to translate the theme strings manually and if you want to contribute to Kalium by submitting a new language it would be more than welcome.


Translating Kalium with Loco Translate

Kalium can be translated using Loco Translate, which is a free and easy to manage localization plugin. To translate Kalium with Loco Translate, click the link below.

Read more about Loco Translate in this article ».


Translating Kalium with WPML

Instead of Loco Translate which can translate only the theme and plugin strings, WPML is a multi-lingual plugin that can translate pages and post types. WPML is not free of charge and to use it you will need to purchase a license.

Read more about WPML here ».


Pre-translated Languages

Kalium theme offers 18 extra pre-translated languages which will automatically translate Kalium, this list will be updated and new languages will be added continuously.

  1. German German
  2. French French
  3. Spanish Spanish
  4. Italian Italian
  5. Dutch Dutch
  6. Danish Danish
  7. Swedish Swedish
  8. Greek Greek
  9. Russian Russian
  10. Polish Polish
  11. Albanian Albanian
  12. Portuguese Portuguese
  13. Norwegian Norwegian
  14. Turkish Turkish
  15. Czech Czech
  16. Finnish Finnish
  17. Slovak Slovak
  18. Romanian Romanian

If you want to use one of those languages such as the German language, for example, please just change your WordPress language (Settings > Site Language) to Deutsch and then after some minutes you will see those translations on your WordPress updates section, click update and then Kalium strings will automatically translate to Deutsch.

We have tried to translate theme string on the best way possible, but if you find any string that you think is not translated correctly please report it on our support forum.

Help Translating Kalium

Translating the theme in all WordPress languages is impossible, we have tried to include the languages where our customers come from and we are looking forward to adding new languages. If you would like to help translate Kalium in any language and contribute to our community then please follow the steps here on how to translate the theme files. After translating the theme in any of the languages not mentioned above, write us an e-mail or submit a ticket in our support system where the language files are attached, your name will be credited in the theme changelog.

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