Adding a language switcher

When you’re building a multi-lingual site with more than a language you also need a language switcher option on your front-end, so users can choose their preferred language. This option is only available with WPML installed, the multi-lingual plugin.

To add the language switcher in your header follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Laborator > Theme Options
  2. Select Header and Menu from the options in the theme options.
  3. Choose Other Settings from the tabs of Header and Menu.
  4. Under WPML Language Switcher switch the toggle to Show.

Let’s see what are these options about:

  • Language switcher trigger — Select whether you want to expand the switcher on hover or on mouse click.
  • Flag position in language switcher — Set a flag next to the language name, left, right or hide it.
  • Text display type — Many other options on how to display the language switcher.

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