Mobile Menu

The footer is an essential part for many sites worldwide, we have implemented some creative ways to show the footer in Kalium, always keeping the simplicity for the visitors eye but the multi-functionality for the web developer.

The mobile menu is activated by default so you cannot enable/disable it, you can customize it by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to Laborator > Theme Options
  2. Select Header and Menu from the option list.
  3. Choose Mobile Menu in the tabs above.

Search Field on Mobile Menu

If you want to enable or disable the search field and button on your mobile menu simply switch the toggle from to Show or vice versa.

Mobile Menu Types

There are two types of mobile menu:

  • Sliding from left and
  • Fullscreen

They can be activated by selecting which one you want to use, and simply click on Save All Changes to see the results in your mobile phone.

Sliding from left


Mobile Menu Breakpoint

Set the maximum width when the mobile menu should be activated, for example if you type 800 the mobile menu will be activated when the window size is under 800px, this is an optional field so if you don’t want to change the default settings then leave it blank.

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