Changing Font Sizes

Each site has it’s own specifics, if our default font sizes do not meet your site style then you are able to change these sizes through the font size editor.

  1. Go to Laborator > Typography
  2. Click on the Font Sizes tab.
  3. You have groups for example Headings, each of them has an element and if you want a specific size for each device such as desktop, tablet, phone then click on the Show Responsive.
  4. The default unit is px (pixels), you can change it to em, rem, %


Can I change a specific part of the site, which is not listed here?

Yes, you can add extra fields and groups easily, follow the instructions below:

  1. Scroll down at the end of the page, click the New Font Sizes Group
  2. Enter Group Title and Group Description for your the newly created group.
  3. Enter the name of the first element, in the Selector Alias i.e. Title Size
  4. Add the CSS selector of the title size, in this case it is .section-title h1, .section-title h2,.section-title h3
  5. To add more selectors simply click on the + button on the right
  6. Click on Save Changes  and your font size group is ready, manage it like the pre-defined font sizes.

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