Introduction to Typography

Fonts are one of the key features in web design, and Kalium tries to keep it’s creative spirit even no matter for what it will be used, business, corporate or any other purpose.

By navigating through Laborator > Typography you will have access to our all new © TypoLab font management area. There we have included 5 font platforms that can be used in Kalium, they are:

  1. Google Fonts — Most popular webfont library, all the fonts listed here are free.
  2. FontSquirrel — A big list of fonts most of them are free but also including premium fonts.
  3. Premium Fonts — Premium fonts which we have included in the theme for free.
  4. Uploaded Font — Got your own webfont? Upload it here, super easily.
  5. Custom Font — This font type is suitable for services that provide stylesheet URL only and not the web fonts individually.

The Typography section under Laborator is available for users using the Kalium 2 version or later, if you’re using an older version of the theme please update it to get access to thousands of fonts.

And also there are many options to export/import fonts, changing font sizes and font sizes for specific devices, load fonts for a specific page/post, take some time to explore the other articles in this category and see how the typography in Kalium works.


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