Adding Font Squirrel Fonts

Font Squirrel is deprecated from version Kalium 3.6 of Kalium


If you’re about to start using a font from the huge list of FontSquirrel, then head to the article below or the video above, you will find detailed instructions:

  1. Navigate through Laborator > Typography
  2. Click the Add Font button to add a new font.
  3. From the font source select FontSquirrel and click the big Continue button on the right.
  4. Select/search the font you want to use from the list on the left.
  5. Choose if you want to select the Font Variants which are normal, bold, italic or any other variant which depends on the fonts, there may not be any variant if the font does not support it.
  6. Click on Download & Install Font to install it on your site.
  7. Scroll down the Selectors and Sizes section and then click on the Choose From Predefined Selectors.
  8. From the options, choose where you want to apply this font, on headings, paragraphs or elsewhere.
  9. Click Save Changes, and check your site to see it live.

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