How do I enable the cart icon?

When the shop is set up, by default the cart icon is not shown in the menu. To enable the cart icon in the menu follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate through Laborator > Theme Options
  2. Select Shop Settings from the theme options.
  3. Click on the Other Settings tab.
  4. Tick the Show cart icon in menu and a list of options will show below.

With these settings and clicking Save All Changes will show the cart icon on your site, let’s see what the other options stand for.

  • Products count indicator  — Ticking it will show the number of items added in the cart.
  • Hide cart icon when its empty — Cart icon will not be shown if there is no item to the cart, so make sure you check this twice before you may think it’s a problem with your site.
  • Mini cart contents popup — Select whether you want to show the cart on mouseover, click or hide it completely.
  • Cart Icon — Select between the cart icons.

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