Installing Shop

Kalium’s shopping system is built upon the WooCommerce plugin, which is the most popular shopping system integrated into WordPress. Here you will find basic customization of Kalium and WooCommerce, while you can search...

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Adding Your Products

Now that you’ve finished the WooCommerce setup wizard and you’re ready to set up your shop, the product adding system is easy and user-friendly. To add your products follow the...

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Shop Layout

When we added the shop into Kalium, we had in mind that the products of the shop should be the primary element a visitor should see so we have tried...

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Product Layout

To change the layout how products are shown in your shop, the images and the description is really easy, follow the instructions below. Navigate through Laborator > Theme Options Click on Shop Settings...

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Product Image Dimensions

Most of the shops have specific sizes for their products such as vertical, horizontal, squared. Sizes can be set differently based on your own style, you can use the original image...

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Sidebars and Widgets

Sidebar it’s basically a vertical column provided by a theme for displaying information other than the main content of the web page. Sidebars usually contain widgets that an administrator of the...

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Sidebar Skins

Kalium offers three types of the Sidebar skins, to choose what layout of Sidebar you want to use: Go to Laborator > Theme Options Choose Other Settings from the left options list in...

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How do I enable the cart icon?

When the shop is set up, by default the cart icon is not shown in the menu. To enable the cart icon in the menu follow the instructions below. Navigate...

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Ordering categories

Ordering the categories (filters) of the Portfolio items, Shop products or Blog posts cannot be done directly through WordPress or the Theme Options, you can do it by using a plugin...

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A normal description for Pagination is basically the sequence of numbers assigned to pages. So if you have a website with lots of items, you may wish to add some...

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Products Carousel element

WPBakery Page Builder offers plenty elements that are made specially for the WooCoomerce plugin but there is an extra element that we have added on our theme and it’s name...

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Regenerate Thumbnails

If your thumbnails are not correctly cropped, you can regenerate them by following these steps: Go to Plugins > Add New Search for Regenerate Thumbnails (created by Viper007Bond) Install and...

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Product Size Guide plugin

WooCommerce Product Size Guide (or createIT Size Guide Plugin) is a premium plugin that is included for free for all Kalium users and it allows you to add a size...

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Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin

Product Filter for WooCommerce is premium plugin is included for free for all Kalium users that want to use WooCommerce in their theme and especially if they have a large list of products. It...

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