Set up the Footer

The footer is an essential part for many sites worldwide, we have implemented some creative ways to show the footer in Kalium, always keeping the simplicity for the visitors eye but the multi-functionality for the web developer.

Enabling the Footer in Kalium can be done through these easy steps:

  1. Go to Laborator > Theme Options
  2. Select Footer from the option list.
  3. Choose General Settings in the tabs above.
  4. Switch the Footer Visibility to Show.

  • Footer Types — Choose the way you want to show the footer, animated or simple.
  • Text Color — If you have a dark website, you can invert the footer by setting the Text Color to White and the  colors will be inverted and match your whole dark site.
  • Full-width Footer — Footer can also be full-width, from the left window edge to the right edge and not be limited only within the site container which is centered, enable this by switching to Yes.

Other Options

To see what’s the use of the other options in footer, see the links below:

  • Footer Widgets — Left, centered or right aligned. Choose the number of columns.
  • Footer Bottom — If you want to add copyright and social networks to the footer, follow this guide.

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