Installing and updating premium plugins

This step is very important, because your theme functionality depends on these settings, so please follow this section carefully.

After you upload and install/activate Kalium theme go to Appearance > Install Plugins page.

Click Install/Activate for the recommended plugins:


Plugins we highly suggest to install and activate that Kalium requires them to work properly:

  • Advanced Custom Fields (plus ACF related plugins)
  • Visual Composer

Other recommended plugins (based on sections of the theme you want to use):

  • Portfolio Post Type (for portfolio site)
  • WooCommerce (for shop site)
  • Revolution Slider (plugin if you want to use sliders)
  • Layer Slider (another slider plugin, if you don’t use this plugin you can uninstall it)
  • Size Guide (for shop site)


Updating premium plugins

Each theme update will contain latest version for premium plugins. You need to update the theme to latest version and you will get latest updates of premium plugins bundled with Kalium. These plugins can be updated automatically however they require to purchase them which you don’t need to.

For example if you are currently using Visual Composer 5.1 and there is new version available for Visual Composer, you have to get latest version of Kalium and then go to Appearance > Install Plugins, click Update for Visual Composer plugin and you are all set.

Automatic updates for premium plugins are not available! They are only supported for users that have purchased plugin’s license. However, each theme update contains latest version of premium plugins.


Premium plugins cannot be activated with theme purchase code?!

Often users try to activate these plugins with “theme purchase code” which in fact won’t work. The reason is simple, Envato and plugin authors doesn’t allow to activate premium plugins using theme purchase code!

Each plugin has its own purchase code, and in order to activate the plugin you need to purchase a copy for each of them.

Every theme in ThemeForest works this way with premium plugins. We are allowed to re-distrubute these premium plugins with an extended license and limited rights.

Extended License covers: including the plugin in the theme, use the plugin and get latest update via theme releases only. To get automatic updates, you need to purchase the plugin. If plugin author has made a “premium feature” that requires activation, it is not granted for Extended License owners to use it, but for individual users who purchase respective plugin.


Errors and troubleshooting

It is reported from our users that they cannot update Layer Slider while the plugin is activated.
To update Layer Slider you need to deactivate it from Plugins > Installed Plugins:


Then go to Appearance > Install Plugins and click Update for Layer Slider and then re-activate it again:

Repeat this process with other premium plugins that you can’t update.

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